Dungeons & Dragons: The Spectral Prince

The Spectral Prince Session 1

Klodd and Aerebeth arrived by ship at a city called Tifrit, where a huge staircase leads up to two big metal doors and inside seems to be a central meeting hub. There’s quite a few other people on the same ship who are there, though not with them necessarily. All they know is that they are here because they are no longer alive, and only have the basics of what they once had in life. So as lost and confused as they are, they are lead into the city, and meet with a small group of other travelers and a young woman named Aegus. She is the group’s patron, responsible for their spiritual finding, whether that’s to an afterlife or otherwise, no one knows. She only offers to help them find their own answers by searching within themselves.

The little group is shown a living quarters where they will stay, and for a few days, Aerebeth prays and tries to help those around her while Klodd is driven to fury by his helpless situation. He tries to navigate the city, but finds only more people trying to search themselves, and when he tries to leave, he finds that the doors they came in through have disappeared completely.

That night, a vision appears before Aerebeth of a young man seeking help, and so she reports this to Patron Aegus. She seems to understand what this means and prepares the group to leave off for whatever adventure this vision seems to hold. Late into the night, Klodd, Aerebeth and Patron Aegus travel to the opposite end of the city where a new set of doors and steps lead down to a new body of water, and they set off into what seems like an endless ocean.

They awaken from sleep to find they are in a desert, their boat overturned in the sand, the ship’s rower gone, and Patron Aegus staring off at a new place, a huge kingdom called Mundali. There’s a forest nearby, and farrrr off in the distance, more cities and kingdoms. This place seems somewhat isolated.

They enter the kingdom and Patron Aegus leads them to the royal palace where they meet the Brahman family, a king and queen who are desperately searching for their missing son, Prince Ravinder, who seems to be the specter that appeared to Aerebeth in her vision. The prince has been missing for two weeks, and with every party that appears to try and find him to be granted the handsome reward the royal family offers, more and more people go missing.

Only one person has been steadfast in helping the king and queen, and he is now the king’s counsel, named Shakir of the Kasmut Clan, and his aid, Mulah, a young woman of the same clan. The party is provided horses to begin searching the area surrounding the kingdom, as the last time the prince was seen, he was heading out with a hunting party to the forest nearby.

The royal family and Shakir warn Aerebeth and Klodd of the dangers that seem to be appearing more and more in the area, and to stay on guard. They search the forest and can’t seem to come up with any findings. As they start to head back, they find they are being watched.

Chasing after the spy, they catch up to a man named Jasmeet, who was hired to keep an eye on them, though they have yet to discover by whom, as the messenger he was passing his findings on to was able to escape their notice….

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